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UPDATED 6/17/2012

Rare Royal Laos Gallant Soldier Award .

only 69 awards were made this is one of the 69


Rare Royal Laos Gallant Soldier Award .

enlarged view

Rare Royal Laos Gallant Soldier Award .

view of the back

Rare Royal Laos Commando Badge

only 300 were awarded . the badge accompanying this certificate is an original produced at that time


Rare Royal Laos Commando Badge

enlarged view

Rare Royal Laos Commando Badge

view of the back

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medal010.jpg (374842 bytes)

original prototype JFK special warfare collage HALO , free fall Jump wings, marked JFC SWC , all three grades, this size was never issued ,very well made, check out the brass clutch's , later to only be issued in one class , not all three 

medal011.jpg (397896 bytes)  

complete set of sew on Thai jump wings , all three grades , in new unissued condition 


medal013.jpg (385448 bytes)  

original Thai hat devises for military uniforms 


medal014.jpg (652224 bytes)  

original phoenix group DUI, right as rain , found at the Alamo-  ST Louis  super rare item, beware there are repos that look close ,if the head of the bird does not look like this one its a repo 


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medal016.jpg (696124 bytes)

Original South Vietnamese Marine Corp qualification uniform insignia 

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medal018.jpg (451570 bytes)

original cast South Vietnamese Instructor wings 

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medal020.jpg (663392 bytes)

original Cambodian war time jump wings with French type suspension 

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medal023.jpg (642898 bytes)

Original Laos jump wings , this set is hallmarked , war time piece .

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medal025.jpg (698882 bytes)

Original south Vietnamese officer insignia , on card as issued 

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medal027.jpg (790982 bytes)

1970's US made south Vietnamese Jump wings sold in PX for vets returning to purchase for uniforms 

medal028.jpg (730160 bytes)  

Laos Jump wings , original 

 medal029.jpg (574090 bytes)

original group from the vet

Greg Cendroski , 204th Assault Helicopter Co. 1st Aviation Brg. Vietnam 1971 - Bearcat South Vietnam . Vet brought these into the Alamo Miliary Store to sell . I purchase all items Vietnam Veterans sell to this store no matter what they are as long as they are original items from there tour 


more to come . . . check back often


more to come . . . check back often