I have put this site up so I could share this collection with all fellow ,friends , veterans and collectors who have an interest and understanding of this war , the "US advisor period", Second Indochina War", "The American War", & "The Viet-Nam War" 1955-1975.  

 where were you in 62 

I have tried to keep this collection original and correct for the period of 1955-1975, the years that the US was involved in southeast Asia.

 I was most interested in the captured weapons and field gear of the Peoples Army republic of Viet-Nam  (North Vietnamese army ) The people's liberation armed forces ( Viet-Cong ) ( VC) (  Charlie ) the armed military arm of the National Liberation Front  ( NLF) 

I must thank all of the fellow veterans , collectors , and friends  who have advised me over the years and helped me locate original items for this collection. Thank You !!!!!

thanks to the following people for their support, friendship, and sharing their vast knowledge of this era. They are the reason this collection came about. 

Thank you to:

Jason Hardy - The Dog Tag/ Jason@specialforceshistory.com

John O'Connor - Indochina Militaria

Tom Knox - The Alamo

Greg Grimes - Trail Creek Trade

respect and thanks to all the collectors I know who have

shared there information and knowledge with me .